The future of walking and cycling will be that of E – bikes.  An occasion, for those who use the bike from time to time, to be able to get to places where only once trained cyclists could reach.

SA CASA MALLORQUINA offers E – bikes to visit Majorca. There is no better way to fully enjoy the contact with nature and the fantastic views of Majorca. Latest generation E – bikes with assisted pedaling for excursions to discover the territory.

The E-Bike tour of the Algaida area is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a whole day in one of the best areas of the island. Discovery experience.
This tour is perfect because it involves all participants in an electrifying activity. From lovers of bike tours who love to ride in the hills to those who love art and history thanks to the guided tour of the ancient Sanctuary of Monti-Sion, to food lovers, thanks to our delicious lunch. Ah, I forgot, it’s also perfect for photography lovers; the scenarios are stunning.

Thanks to our high-quality e-bikes, the bike tour will be smooth and at the same time absolutely rewarding. The e-bike will allow us to taste fantastic places outside the main tourist routes. From a visit to the ancient sanctuary to lunch, everything is organized to be safe, of high quality and, above all, to give you an unforgettable experience.

We will visit Randa, Porreres, Campos, Llucmajor, The location chosen for lunch has a panoramic view of the vineyards that will amaze you.

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Route: Algaida – Llucmajor – Campos – Porreres – Algaida

A reasonable and smooth tour for any cyclist lover. A perfect route to discover the surroundings of Llucmajor, Porreres, Campos and Algaida

Discovering Majorca, e-bike tour – 1 day – Easy

Price for person: 100 Euro

In The magic location at Sa Casa Mallorquina in Majorca:

  • Carrer de l’Esglesia 3
    07210 Algaida

From 1 April 2021
Every week with an advance reservation of min. 3 days to prepare the material suitable for your weight and height.

In case of adverse meteo condition or any not safe situation the tour can be modified/cancelled.

  • top e-bikes

  • Top-quality bike helmet (MIPS certified) will be provided

  • delicious Italian food

  • ealthy snacks, mineral water and teas

    • Each participant must have their own bike backpack.

    • List of personal things to remember:

    • Mosquito repellent organic cream(especially during summer season)

    • Eye protection(sunglasses, clear lenses)

    • Mobile phone(and power bank if available)

    • Wind stopper jacketthat can be rolled up very small and will fit into the backpack. If possible “breathable” in case you need to wear for the entire ride

    • Sunscreen

    • Tissues



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