Location Prices


If you organize a non-corporate event, the list price for reserving our location is € 450.00 *

Discounts up to 40% are possible and there is also a special last-minute rate if you book no more than 3 days in advance (see below)

* The list price does not apply to special dates, such as Christmas, New Year or at fairs. Request a custom quote


You will get a discount of:
– 20%, if you carry out your event on a weekday (not a holiday or a pre-holiday)
– 10% if you don’t have more than 20 guests,
– 10% if your event takes place at lunch.
You can add the discounts up to a maximum of -40% on the list price


And if you book with no more than 3 days in advance, you have the lowest price ever:

€ 169, 00 … on weekdays, non-holidays and days before holidays
€ 269, 00 … on the days before public holidays and holidays

* The Last-minute rate is subject to conditions and limitations.

The last-minute rate is reserved for:

reservations with no more than 3 days in advance
non-business private events with up to 24 guests
And requires:

the balance on booking
the payment of a deposit of € 200.00